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copyright July 1999

As I walked out one Halloween night I saw a sight quite queer. A skipping, bobbing, quivering light Was creeping ever near.

I paused to look, was I surprised, Too scared to even scream. For there before my startled eyes I saw two legs of green Beneath a grinning Punkinhead It's smile an eerie gleam.

I stood amazed and shocked and dazed Fear chilled me to the core For close behind that Punkinhead I saw there were TWO MORE!

The eyes within their faces glowed With fright'ning ghoulish glee. They danced and twirled, They hopped and swirled, And soon they passed me by. I wiped my brow and made a vow That to my home I'd fly.

But e'er I'd set my feet to home A pittering, pattering, skittering sound Of marching filled the street. They came by three's

By nine's


Until they stretched from door to door!

I could not stand I could not run Oh what was I to do? My feet refused to do my will My heart beat faster still As grinning, leering Punkinheads Stretched out from hill to hill!

I do not know how long I stood In fear that endless night. But when at last I stumbled home My hair had turned quite white.

So listen well as I do tell I pray to never meet Again those dancing Punkinheads On green and spindly feet.

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